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Welcome to our Website! Here you can find our work on Illustration, Animation and Graphic Design.

We are Team Don Corgi (who doesn’t love Corgis?), two Artists working to make the world(Wide Web) a more beautiful place! Want to see some of our work? Navigate through our Artwork in the top Navigation Bar!

Thanks for visiting and if you’d like to know more visit our “About us” page, if you’d like to contact us check our Contact Page or send us an e-mail directly at:


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Meet our team

We're two Nerds and Geeks that love Illustration and Gaming, read more about us below!
Miguel Silva

Miguel Silva

Animator, Video Editor

Enjoys staying cozy at home and Learning new skills for hours on end. Loves Nintendo games but plays anything.

Patricia Caldeira

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Pet lover, spends a lot of time Reading and Painting digitally. Final Fantasy addict.

What clients say

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Allen Brasch

GameLark Remixes

"Working with Don Corgi was not only easy, it was a pleasure. Their responsiveness was incredible and I am supremely satisfied with the work that they did. I plan on hiring them for many more future projects!"


Youtuber / Streamer

"Great work, fast service, and great people. Can’t wait to do more projects!"

Chris DeLeon

Chris DeLeon

Programmer, Gamkedo

”I recently had the fortune of being on a small iOS development team with Don Corgi. They do excellent looking work, gets it done impressively quickly, and was consistently responsive to direction and specifications. I hope to cross paths professionally with Don Corgi again in the future.”

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